The Fund currently has seven holdings in four different sectors and four different countries. We are proud of our investments and continously seek new investments in order to become fully invested and make sure that we are the best place in the nordic for students to learn the practical skillset necessary for not only breaking in to either the sell-side or the buy-side, but to thrive.


Invested: May 2017

As a specialized wind-farm installation, operation, repowering and management expert with 25+ yrs of experience, Energiekontor seems to be in a better competitive position to capitalize on these trends than small local cooperatives and utilities, for which wind farm development is not a core business. The strong pipeline of projects for the company (100 MW in later stages for 2017, total of 1,200 MW in Germany and 600 MW in the UK in some stage of review) serves as a buffer during this tumultuous period of auctioning launch, as well as points to the Company’s growth potential.

Exco Technologies

Invested: Nov 2017

Exco Technologies is the largest manufacturer of die-cast moulds in North America and a large player in the automotive vehicle solutions. The company has a solid ROCE above 20.8% on average for the last five years and consistently generate FCF. 67% of revenue arises from automotive solutions of which the company specializes in interior components, primarily seating, cargo storage and restraint for automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers. 33% arises from the casting & extrusion segment which mainly consists of tooling and other manufacturing equipment for automotive and other industrial markets in North America.

SGL Carbon

Invested: June 2018

SGL Carbon is an advanced materials company serving the whole carbon value chain for both carbon-composites & fibers and graphite solutions. From raw materials & precursors through intermediates & semi-finished products to finished products, SGL is catering to the need of a variety of industries including automotive, semi-conductors, wind energy and many more.

THQ Nordic

Invested: May 2018

THQ Nordic acquires, develops and publishes PC and console games for the global gaming market. The core business model consists of establishing game titles and continuously refine and update them. In 2013 the company acquired the majority of today’s brand portfolio from THQ Inc. In early 2018, Koch Media was acquired, which is expected to give an edge to THQ Nordic’s game development segment and adds to the publishing activities. Overall, Koch Media’s portfolio that is more specialised on triple-A games will complement THQ Nordic’s wider portfolio. The company has shown proof of mastering a value-creating acquisition strategy while being backed by a solid management team.


Invested: Mar 2019

Thanks to its global reach Visa is well positioned to benefit from demographic developments in emerging economies as well as long lasting trends like digitalisation and a tendency towards cash-less transactions. Moreover, we do appreciate the company’s operating efficiency reflected in an EBITDA margin of nearly 70% and its strong cash flow generation capabilities. With this in mind and considering that Visa currently trades at a slight discount compared to its closest peers we see it as a great investment opportunity. With Visa we add a true value company to SSIF’s portfolio.


Invested: Mar 2019

ABB has been at the forefront of automation technology since its inception in 1988. With a vast product portfolio the company supplies solutions for a diverse range of customers from manufacturers and other industrial enterprises to governments. Their global presence and constant strive for innovation has kept them on top. Global trends show strong market growth potential for automation and electrification products. The expertise that ABB possess will allow them to capitalise on these opportunities and therefore thrive. The sale of power grids will further increase margins and enable them to focus on the core business. Considering the diversified sale proportions across markets and regions ABBs profits will be stable even in a bear scenario.


Invested: Feb 2019

Balder has an excellent position to benefit from the urbanisation trend and with its well-diversified property portfolio and high interest coverage ratio we believe that Balder will be able to maintain their profits even in pessimistic scenarios of higher interest rates and recessions. Balder's current properties have low market risk and will continue to generate stable incomes from rental income and enable further expansion with real-estate guru Erik Selin at the helm.


Invested: Jun 2019

As an equities-focused long-only fund, gaining exposure to fixed-income assets and diversifying our portfolio is a key strategic focus. This Investment Grade Corporate Credit ETF has all the benefits SSIF is looking for. It is the safest form of corporate credit that is accessible to a fund of this size with the advantage of protecting returns in a world of ongoing uncertainties. Investment grade credit provides more stable returns than high yield corporate debt and better nominal returns than negative-yielding sovereign debt, while the ETF structure allows SSIF to diversify its fixed-income exposure and allocate an adequate amount of capital to corporate credit. LQDE charges a low, 20 bps total expense ratio and currently has a weighted average YTM of 3.21%.




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