Founded in 2016, The Stockholm Student Investment Fund is an real- money student run fund organised under the Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics (SASSE). It is focused on public equity, but performs analyses of other securities such as government and corporate bonds. Our primary objective is to provide an educational environment for SSE students to discover and develop a passion for financial markets. SSIF caters for members of all abilities, in a non-judgemental environment, where experienced students are encouraged to pass on their knowledge to junior students. The Fund is run in a professional manner, where pitching events are used to determine stocks to invest in - such events are open to all members and sponsors of the Fund are encouraged to attend. Ideally, SSIF will complement the theoretical knowledge gained in class and make SSE students more attractive to potential employers. Sponsors and other external employers will easily be able to identify capable and professional students with a demonstrated enthusiasm for the financial industry. Our objectives are as follows:


Educational Experience

Educate and enthuse students about the world of finance in a supportive and open society. As members of the Student Association, all enrolled SSE students are welcome to participate, regardless of previous experience. The idea is for more experienced students (and external advisors) to support and teach the less experienced. Being part of SSIF prepares students in terms of confidence and ability – learning everything from valuation methods to presentation skills.



The Fund provides excellent networking opportunities with some of the world's most prestigious financial institutions, but also niche asset managers and private equity funds that may not be top-of-mind for students. This benefit works both ways: SSE students get access to top employers, and employers get access to students who demonstrate an interest in finance and investments.


Real Market Exposure

There are not many better ways for students to find their passion for the financial industry than being part of a real-money fund. This is a unique way to gain a real market exposure in an encouraging and educational atmosphere. Like any other fund, SSIF is structured to analyse a broad spectra of public equity and some other asset classes. Students are exposed to the world of investing directly through the fund by working with their teams, through guest speakers, and networking events.


Women within Finance

As the financial industry is overly represented by men, SSIF has the opportunity to inspire women in particular to find their passion for finance and get real-life industry exposure earlier. SSIF has explicit goals of reaching a gender balance in the body of analysts as well as leading committees within the Fund. Hopefully the Fund will play a role in more women choosing specializations within Finance and to pursue careers within the financial industry.




The Fund in managed in accordance with the steering policy documents. Download links are provided below: 





The SSIF year ends the last of June. The Fund publishes an end-of-year report to be informative of the holdings and exposure of the fund at year end as well as the dealings of the Fund during the year. Should you have any questions concerning the report, please contact communications@ssif.sasse.se. 






The Sponsors of the SSIF are integral to the operations of the Fund. Sponsors make donations to cover the Fund's operational expenses where the surplus is used to cover mutual expenses within the Student Association. In return sponsors receive access to highly motivated and capable students at SSE. In addition to sponsoring the Fund's operational expenses, SSIF aims to make it possible to endow the SSIF fund with capital for investments, but this will not be possible during the academic year of 2016/2017. We take sponsored money very seriously. Sponsorships for operational expenses are kept stricly separate from the capital and endowments to the SSIF fund. In addition, we are fully transparent with the handling of sponsorships - sponsors may request a full review of their sponsorship at any time. Depending on the category sponsors wish to enter they get varying opportunities at promoting their business to students, be it available internship opportunities, graduate schemes, presentations or simply to be more visible to potential future employees from SSE. Higher category Sponsors are also welcome to attend pitching events or to get a seat on the Advisory Board. All sponsors are featured with a logo on this website during the period of sponsorship. If you are considering a sponsorship opportunity, please contact us (see bottom of page). 

Main Sponsors

Main Sponsors

Main Sponsor Bodenholm Capital




SSIF is managed by dedicated sectors. In order to take part in the research intensive investment activities of the club, members must join one or more of the sectors, which cover equities in the following sectors: TMT, Energy & Industrials, Healthcare, Financials, Consumer Staples & Utilities, Real Estate and Emerging Markets. Sectors also include Government & Corporate Bonds, Data Analytics as well as Commodities. Joining one of the teams is a great way to develop your understanding of the equity markets as well as other security markets and gives you the chance to get directly involved in making investment recommendations. Anyone is free to join as an analyst during recruitment, and is encouraged to contact the Fund or current members if they wish to join post-recruitment. The Executive Committee is democratically elected by the outgoing Committee annually. The Sector Heads are selected by members of the Executive Committee purely based on merit (professional and educational experience as well as their ability to lead and mentor sector members). Sector Heads in turn may select up to two Assistant Sector Heads.



If you are seeking to enter a sponsorship deal, become a Member, or have general enquiries about the fund performance, please email the appropriate person below.


Marcus Falck


If you have enquiries or wish to give comments regarding the general operations of the Fund, or have any other broad feedback about the role of the Fund at SASSE, SSE, or in a societal context, please contact the President of SSIF. 

Marcus Falck can be reached at: president.ssif@sasse.se